Grow Up & Start Up

Restless Pearls of Wisdom For Aspiring Entrepreneurs.

Founder Paralysis. -Never Delay a Startup Launch

Target “good enough,” and then put it out there to the world and let your user-base tell you what needs tweaking… -Because they will. Loudly. Frequently. The software will never be “done.” The team will never be completely “formalized.” You’re never going to truly be “ready.” When it comes to launching your startup, and pulling […]

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Traction Hack – Use YouTube to Know Your Customer

Here’s a quick, resourceful hack to get traction on your startup idea and strategy: Everybody, and I mean EVERYBODY, these days who is investing, joining or launching a startup places priority on gaining a deep understanding of your target customer before you start to fund or build anything. Investors sure as hell want to know […]

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Beantown Tech is a Dark Horse Worth Your Buy-In

So. Many. Startups. Have you stepped into any of Boston’s local incubators or WeWorks sometime in the past year? Have you NOT heard of this little company called “GE” and the massive amounts of cash it’s dropping into the local Boston startup community with a new Innovation Center? Do you realize there are over 53 startups […]

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When Should I Bring On A Co-Founder?

Know thyself and delegate accordingly. When you’re launching a startup and feel the acute pain of an overnight transition from career engineer to CEO, or from creative marketer to jack-of-all operational trades, the faster you identify weaknesses and hire to compensate the faster you stop the bleeding. Regardless of funding, if you’re building a team […]

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Clean your fucking desk. Professional branding 101.

Appearances matter and people are judging you, whether you buy into it or not. Why give a crap? 1)      Image & professional branding. The condition of your workspace is a telltale sign as to whether you have your shit together or you’re a just a professional and personal time-bomb waiting to implode. 2)      Mental health. […]

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